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The banner ad
A banner ad is an advertisement field used on the Internet to present companies and their products or services. Our banner system is rotating (not fixed) so that all banners receive equal exposure. You also have access to your banner's statistics through the advertising period. You can also get axcess to change your web banner trough your own interface during the advertsing periode. You can have a "Image banner like JPG, GIF or PNG. We also support "Flash banner" , "Quick Time Movie, Real Media Movie". Here you have a lot of choices................


  • Buttons right: 159 pixels X 85 pixels, (B x H), 72 dpi. Ideal file size is around 25 KB.
  • Main Banner: 468 pixels X 60 pixels (B x H), 72 dpi, Ideal file size is around 40 KB.
  • Skyscraper right: 150 pixels X 500 pixels (B x H), 72 dpi. Ideal file size is around 40 KB.
  • Skyscraper Large: 150 pixels x 750 pixels (B x H), 72 dpi. Ideal file size is around 75 KB.
  • Skyscraper left: 140 pixels x 350 pixels (B x H), 72 dpi. Ideal file size is around 80 KB.
  • Newsletter: 468 pixels X 60 pixels (B x H), 72 dpi. Newsletter is NOT supporting FLASH file. Ideal file size is around 40 KB.

You will also have access to the statistics from your web banner. You will get a link from us when you are ordering, so you can read your statistics for the web banner, or you can get this automatically sent to you.

The banner should be in jpg file or a gif file, can also be animated gif file. The file should not be higher than 30 K. If the file is a flash file, then the link has to been included in the file as a “click tag” that is sent to us.(Please see the link here if you are sening Flash File) We also need the original flash file and a backup file as jpg or gif if you are using flash file.. Please send the material to e-mail:

International exposure
Every month your ad will be seen by over 100 842 unique visitors, decision-makers that including company directors, financial officers, senior executives, consultants, engineers, purchasing and procurement managers, distributors and your customers from the worldwide petroleum industry. Over 1,205,842 pages are viewed every month.

Standard: A link back to your company Web page.
Individual: We make a presentation page for you.

Your ad will display on our Home page and sub pages domained

Promote your brand at

Anticipated result
A stream of price request emails from potential customers and more visits to your Web site.

For more information, please contact one of the following representatives.

Promote your brand at
Promote your brand at

Truls Gulbrandsen

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