From the Editor, 3/4 2008

Published Apr 18, 2008
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3/4 2008
3/4 2008

Deep in the Heart of Texas

If you are one of the lucky ones, you’re now getting ready to attend the annual Offshore Technology Conference. Each spring the oil and gas industry descends into Houston for what’s come to be considered the world’s foremost event focusing on the development of offshore assets.

And, as always, this year’s OTC offers a provocative theme – Waves of Change – and promises to be informative, exciting and down-right fun event.

We’ve taken a look at the event, and we’ve tried to give a feel for what you can expect to experience while there. We’ve also been very fortunate to receive information from a number of North Sea companies, describing what they will be offering OTC visitors. I personally want to thank them all once again for their contributions in helping to shapea North Sea industry overview that should appeal to all, whether OTC visitors or not.

In addition, we also had the pleasure of interviewing the US Ambassador to Norway, Benson K. Whitney, who has shared with us his special insight into US-Norwegian relations, especially in the context of the oil and gas industry. Ambassador Whitney helps to build a context for understanding the relationship between Norway and the United States as it currently stands as well as how future relations between the two countries could progress.

Another feature that begins to compare the Norwegian Continental Shelf with US offshore activities, the Gulf of Mexico in particular, is a review of recent awards in both areas. As you will see, interest is high for both undeveloped and mature areas.

We also include report that outlines current LNG activities around the globe – no fewer than a dozen projects, with more in the “pipeline”. Other gas news includes Jupiter – the giant Petrobras’ gas and condensate field – which looks as though it will live up to its name, possibly meaning gas self-sufficiency for Brazil. How will astrology buffs interpret Jupiter’s “influence” on Brazil’s future?

Malcolm Wicks, the UK Minister for Energy, has taken up the question of where the industry will find leadership in the future. We have followed this up, and this issue includes an edited version of the speech he presented at the recent North Sea energy summit held in the remote Norwegian mountain village, Sanderstølen.

Other topics in this issue include lifting, drilling and pipelines to mention only a few. In addition, we look to Sweden, Denmark and Finland – our Nordic neighbours – to focus on some of their contributions to the industry.

So, if you’re not able to attend OTC this year, you at least have a sample here. If you will be there, we think this issue should help you find your way around some of the offerings from this part of the world.

We especially want take this opportunity to extend our congratulations to all OTC award winners – both Distinguished Achievement and Spotlight on New Technology. The innovation demonstrated by all these winners will do much to meet the challenges of the Waves of Change.

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