New CGG GeoSoftware Technology Drives Greater E&P Efficiency

Published Feb 16, 2018
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CGG - GeoSoftware AVO
CGG GeoSoftware’s latest integrated software technology enhances E&P companies’ understanding of their reservoir to optimise drilling decisions. In this example from the Barnett shale, facies have been defined using estimated Volume of Quartz (Vqtz) and Brittleness derived from AVO inversion and Bayesian facies analysis to identify the most productive areas (green) for development (illustration: CGG GeoSoftware).

CGG GeoSoftware has announced new releases across its entire geoscience portfolio. Its complementary HampsonRussell, Jason, PowerLog, InsightEarth, VelPro, and EarthModel FT solutions are the industry’s preferred set of tools and support for multi-disciplinary teamwork at every stage from exploration and development to life-of-field production management.

Recent developments bring exciting new capabilities within each individual solution while offering increasingly integrated workflows from geology and geophysics to reservoir engineering. As an example, the new “Load-Once-Use-it-Everywhere” capability enables Jason users to operate on HampsonRussell seismic stores and vice versa without the need to duplicate, move or reload seismic volumes. This integration unleashes the power of cross-solution workflows.

Jason 9.7.1 extends and enhances reservoir characterisation capabilities with the integration of a rock physics template in Jason crossplots and interpretation as well as a new functionality for Bayesian facies classification and inversion analysis in facies and fluids probabilities (FFP). Advanced geostatistical reservoir characterisation is also now available to extract the full value from seismic data, whether 4D, multicomponent, depth or wide-azimuth. The Jason Organizer makes it easier to organise standard workflows, as well as develop and share client-specific ones.

For geophysical interpretation and analysis, HampsonRussell 10.3 offers much faster loading and processing of huge data volumes than previous versions, while pre-stack inversion now requires fewer iterations, dramatically reducing turnaround. Other features include new functionality for quick AVO modeling with rock physics inputs, horizontal well correlation, a new process for de-spiking, and new advanced spectral decomposition attributes for pre-inversion analysis and improved resolution.

PowerLog 9.7.1, GeoSoftware’s petrophysical solution for well log analysis, includes an improved well selector and better data management. Windows-linking lets users set up preferred interpretation workflows including multiple viewers and processors to vastly improve analysis of large data sets. Implementation of a Python Extensions plug-in architecture is a game-changer for developing custom interpretation modules.

InsightEarth accelerates 3D visualisation and interpretation. InsightEarth 3.4 allows streaming of large seismic volumes, so that users can work on large data sets. Other enhancements include a redesigned trim-and-seal process, new spectral decomposition algorithms, and better quality and tightness of fault images from Automated Fault Extraction.

VelPro is a flexible and comprehensive post-stack velocity modeling application and VelPro 9.7.1 now offers depth-to-depth calibration, four major modeling workflows in one solution, and post-stack depth migration.

EarthModel FT for rapidly building geological models incorporates all field data and connects to flow simulation for improved drilling and production planning. EarthModel 9.7.1 offers a new grid format and a new export format for 3D properties to ease connection to fracture simulation workflows.

Kamal Al-Yahya, Senior Vice President, GeoSoftware, CGG, says, “We are committed to delivering continued innovation across our entire portfolio. Our high-end, cross-product workflows enable clients to better understand reservoir properties and how they evolve through the life of the field. Our newest technology and intuitive interfaces reveal key information from geophysical data that helps E&P companies hit drilling targets and improve production of their assets.”


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