CENTUM® VP R6.03 Integrated Production Control System Released

Published May 20, 2016
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Yokogawa - CENTUM VP® R6.03
The features provided in R6.03 will make it possible for users of CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, and CENTUM CS 3000 systems to quickly and smoothly upgrade to CENTUM VP (photo: Yokogawa Electric Corporation)

Yokogawa Electric Corporation has announced the release of CENTUM VP® R6.03, a new version of the company’s integrated production control system. CENTUM VP® R6.03 will be available from 1 June.

Yokogawa has been continually making improvements to its flagship CENTUM VP integrated production control system as part of its VigilantPlant® vision for the control business. As well as providing an enhanced product for new customers, R6.03 offers a smooth upgrade path to existing users of CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, and CENTUM CS 3000 systems.

Yokogawa’s CENTUM VP R6.03 is designed for use in process industries such as oil and natural gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, electric power, pulp and paper, pharmaceuticals, foods, iron and steel, and water and wastewater. It is used for the operation, monitoring, and automatic control of process plants.

The key features and enhancements of CENTUM VP R6.03 include backwards compatibility with all key components of earlier versions. For example, the CENTUM VP input/output (IO) device and application programs have been developed to improve compatibility with CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, and CENTUM CS 3000 hardware and software, thus easing the system upgrade process and reducing associated risks.

Compatibility with existing cabinets, terminal blocks, and field instrument cables is also assured. The primary components of a CENTUM system are the human interface stations (HIS) that serve as a monitoring and control interface for operators in a central control room and the field control stations (FCS) that control the actual operation of plant facilities. Each FCS has a controller and numerous IO devices that are connected to valves and the sensors used to measure flow rate, pressure, temperature, and other variables of the production process.

The functions and shape of the CENTUM VP R6.03 IO device have been designed to be fully interchangeable with RIO, the IO device used with CENTUM CS, CENTUM CS 1000, and certain CENTUM CS 3000 systems. The CENTUM VP R6.03 IO device is thus fully compatible with the FCS cabinets and terminal blocks used with these earlier CENTUM systems. Upgrading to the new CENTUM VP IO is simple: just replace the existing IO module in each FCS cabinet with the new IO module. There is no need to reconfigure the wiring that connects the IO to sensors and valves. Thanks to the modifications made to the CENTUM VP R6.03 IO, users of legacy CENTUM integrated control systems can perform quick and minimum-risk upgrades to CENTUM VP.

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