Cleaner coal technologies vital to reducing CO2 emissions

Published Jun 2, 2015
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The World Coal Association (WCA)

The World Coal Association (WCA) has called on governments worldwide to recognise the vital role cleaner coal technologies play in reducing global CO2 emissions and increase investment in all low emission technologies.

Speaking at a WCA workshop in London today, Glencore’s Mick Buffier, the WCA’s Chairman stated: “For many countries, the reality is that the only way they can meet their growing energy needs is through affordable, readily available coal. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA) global electricity from coal is expected to grow by around 33% to 2040. Given this growth, it is essential that there is greater investment in cleaner coal technologies to widen their deployment – this includes high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) coal technologies and carbon capture, use and storage (CCUS).”

The WCA workshop “Building Pathways for Cleaner Coal Technologies” brings together stakeholders from around the world to discuss the energy challenges we face and the role that can be played by technology in reducing global CO2 emissions.

In his keynote presentation, Mike Monea, SaskPower President of Carbon Capture and Storage Initiatives, provided an update on the Boundary Dam CCS project. Boundary Dam, launched in October 2014, is the world’s first coal-fired CCS plant and a proven technology, which reduces CO2 emissions by one million tonnes a year.

“We need a mix of sources to meet the ever-growing demand for power, and in a way that balances affordability, reliability and sustainability,” said Mr Monea. ‟Carbon capture and storage is part of that mix. SaskPower is a pioneer in this technology, and we benefit from working with groups around the world to stay on top of new CCS developments.”

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