Fagioli and RINA Services Ensure Smooth Installation of Colossal Hebron Platform Topsides

Published Jan 5, 2017
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Fagioli - Hebron topsides
Fagioli partnered with RINA Services to provide support for the lifting and installation of the huge topsides for the Hebron platform (photo: Fagioli)

The Hebron oil field is located offshore Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada in the Jeanne d’Arc Basin. The field has undergone significant development using stand-alone concrete gravity based structure that will withstand harsh local conditions. First oil from this new expansion is scheduled for late 2017. Fagioli, the Italian based experts in heavy cargo transportation and lifting, was contracted to provide support for the lifting and installation of the huge topsides for the platform. It partnered with RINA Services to provide specialist verification services to ensure the project ran smoothly.

A massive 45,000-tonne Utilities Process Module was shipped from Korea to the Bull Arm site by a Heavy Transport Vessel. At the Bull Arm site a substantial portion of the topside has been integrated, including the Living Quarter Module, being installed using a heavy lifting barge. Due to the height and weight of the module (more than 4,000 tonne), the assessment of the barge stability and the weather induced motions was critical to the success of this phase of the project. RINA Services carried out detailed technical analysis to verify design, structure and stability.

Dino Cervetto, Director Technical Services at RINA Services, comments, “The verification of the stability, seakeeping and structural integrity was of paramount importance. Because of the height of the structure any small movement of the barge would be greatly amplified at the top of the module. Ensuring stability was necessary for successful transportation and installation. This involved advanced technical analysis – something which RINA Services has a great deal of experience and expertise in providing.”

Andrea Massera, Chief Engineering Officer at Fagioli says, “One of the major challenges of the project was verifying that the prevailing conditions would allow the installation operation to be carried out successfully and safely. Too much movement of the barge and the corresponding module would have made the process impossible. Fagioli has leading, worldwide experience in heavy lifting and transportation. With the support of RINA with advanced assessment and verification services, this phase of the project was a great success.”

Paolo Cremonini, Chief Operating Officer at Fagioli, adds, “Fagioli has a lot of experience in the oil and gas sector and is known worldwide for its ability to lift and transport large structures. We are very pleased with how well the Hebron project has gone for us and that our customers turn to us with confidence when they have these particularly big challenges. RINA Services has been an excellent partner and we value their world-class service.”

Cervetto concludes, “The size of the Utilities Process Module for Hebron and the operation for the installation of the Living Quarter presented many logistical challenges. RINA Services was delighted to be selected by Fagioli. The project was a huge success for us and is a great example of the technical competence RINA Services is able to offer in this area.”

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