Handling Equipment Features Explosion Protection as Standard

Published Oct 7, 2016
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J D Neuhaus Profi 50
A Profi 50 TI hoist from the J D Neuhaus range, providing a full 50 tonne lift capacity with 100% duty ratings and unlimited duty cycles (photo: JDN)

The J D Neuhaus extensive range of handling equipment, including hoists and cranes are all engineered for extremes, provide safe operation in dust-laden atmospheres or other explosion-hazardous areas such as the chemical manufacture and processing environments. All the JDN products, which include both compressed air and hydraulically operated units are Explosion Protected as Standard.

This ensures that all JDN products are safe for continuous and long-term operation in potentially explosive chemical atmospheres as well as the more insidiously dangerous conditions where high levels of airborne dusts exist. This can include combustible dusts, high concentrations of airborne dusts, or wherever a dust cloud is confined with an oxidant present (ie typically atmospheric oxygen) and particularly where there is an ignition source. The oxidation of other commonly known materials such as coal and sawdust can also be the source of a dust explosion. However, many other normally inactive materials such as grain, flour, sugar, powdered milk and even powdered metals can form potentially explosive dust cloud suspensions in a busy working atmosphere.

The easy to use Profi TI hoist range is the workhorse of the industrial and commercial world, and the operating air supply can be set at 4 or 6 bar pressure, with a standard load lift height of three metres being provided throughout. Other optional lift height requirements can also be specified and accommodated as required.

Their Profi TI range of air operated hoists includes a total of 19 models providing lift capacities from 250kg up to an impressive 100 tonnes. These incorporate many years of design and development, and have successfully proved their versatility and universal reliability following installations within a wide range of light, medium and heavy duty industrial workplaces. Their compressed air power supply is also utilised for control functions. It does not initiate sparks, so providing an unbeatable advantage when hoists are operating in potentially explosive atmospheres. Even greater safety can be achieved by the prevention of sparks generated by static discharges or metal to metal friction contacts.

Standard versions of JDN hoists and crane systems (which utilise Profi TI hoists for lift operations) have the explosion protection / classifications and markings EX II 2 GD IIA T4 / II 3 GD IIB T4.

Increased spark protection can be achieved, which involves copper galvanisation plating of the hoist bottom block and load hooks, together with fitting brass safety catches to achieve a rating of EX II 2 GD IIB T4.

With even further increased spark protection for explosion group IIC, the hoist horizontal movement trolleys incorporate running wheels and travel gearing which are manufactured in bronze for an impressive EX II 2 GD IIC T4 rating.

All JDN products are covered by a worldwide service for annual checks, inspection and repair together with complete overhaul and installation facilities.

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