Isolation Technologies Releases Combo Tool

Published Jan 20, 2017
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IsoTech Combo Tool
The IsoTech Combo Tool combines an Inflatable Casing Packer (ICP) for zonal isolation with a stage-cementing tool (illustration: Isolation Technologies)

Isolation Technologies (IsoTech), a designer and manufacturer of zonal isolation equipment, has developed the IsoTech Combo Tool to improve slurry placement with a single tool.

The IsoTech Combo Tool combines an Inflatable Casing Packer (ICP) for zonal isolation with a stage-cementing tool. The design enhances the stage cementing process by achieving more reliable operation and cement placement for reduced risk and remediation costs when running and cementing casing.

The single tool design eliminates the need for over-displacement when landing the first stage cementing plug to inflate the ICP element, and a separate free-fall plug ensures the plug is landed without displacing mud into the shoe track and compromising isolation integrity with a wet shoe.

“When designing the Combo Tool, we wanted to focus on what our customers would value most – a sleeve that moves and is more definitive when it closes, and is more field adjustable. With fewer moving parts, this tool with the 10’ element will inflate further and conform to the wellbore better when stage cementing casing,” said Chris Cuffe, VP of Engineering.

The Combo Tool also features an internal sleeve design that eliminates premature inflation when washing down the casing to reach total depth. With IsoTech’s Combo Tool, the elimination of over-displacement and premature inflation, along with other performance enhancements, significantly reduces the risk and costs of poor cement placement for improved zonal isolation.

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