ProSep Wins Purchase Order To Supply National Oil Company Technology

Published May 12, 2016
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ProSep, the technology and service provider for integrated process solutions, has announced it will supply four ProMix™ units to a National Oil Company based in the Middle East.

“The ProMix™ technology generates homogeneous and moderate shear force to the dispersed phase across the cross section of the main flow, providing a narrow uniform droplet size distribution, significantly increasing interfacial contact area, enhancing mass transfer between different flows, and meanwhile preventing formation of an emulsion,” says Yi Liu, senior process engineer for ProSep.

This will enable the client to reduce chemical consumption up to 25% compared to conventional technologies, while maintaining optimal separation performance at its gas oil separation plant. Through ProSep’s technology, the client will benefit from optimised performance, reduced chemical consumption and significant operational savings – a key benefit in the current commodity environment.

“In the current low oil price environment we are pleased that our differentiated ProMix™ technology provides a unique solution to our clients, one that has been proven to reduce chemical consumption between 20-50%,” states Ryan McPherson, ProSep general manager - Middle East. “When combined with a rigorous techno-economic analysis which articulates tangible savings and a high Internal Rate of Return (IRR), greater than 35%, we look forward to working alongside other major clients in the region and elsewhere in the world to reduce their cost and increase operational efficiency.”

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