Proven, reliable gas drying and purification solutions for the oil and gas industry

Published Nov 12, 2013
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Delair Nitrogen Generator

When it comes to supplying solutions for compressed air or gas dehydration and purification to the oil and gas industry, SPX has a wealth of experience and expertise through its Delair and Pneumatic Products brands in providing efficient solutions with necessary specifications and documentation. The brands offer a full range of dryers, gas separation and treatment packages, nitrogen generators, filters and adsorption technology. Supply is supported by expert engineering capability, in-depth understanding of industry needs and a strong global presence, including throughout the Middle East.

Dryers are important across many oil and gas processes, including the drying of utility compressed air to protect equipment and pipework against corrosion and pollution from water, but also to dry other gases such as hydrogen, off-gas, nitrogen, compressed natural gas (CNG) and inert gases used for purging tanks. SPX has a range of designs that offer flexible setup against internal and regulatory specifications and offers complete, engineered, packaged solutions against specific requirements.

SPX dryers are reliable, well-proven and designed for long life. Solutions are expertly engineered to ensure requirements are met and provide robust operation in harsh environmental conditions. Component parts within the dryers are based on decades of experience and innovative engineering. The Pneumatic Products Heat-Les pressure-swing desiccant dryers, for example, include air-operated Century Series™ poppet valves with stainless steel internals. These specially made switching valves are designed to withstand elevated temperatures, clogging, and erosion caused by abrasive desiccant dust and to work for over 500,000 cycles in the adverse conditions found in oil and gas applications.

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