Remote Hull Inspection with New Submersible, Magnetic Robot

Published Jun 8, 2017
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Deep Trekker - DT640 Utility MagCrawler
With magnetic wheels, the DT640 Utility MagCrawler can crawl along vertical angles to inspect the integrity of ship’s hulls even underwater (photo: Deep Trekker)

Deep Trekker™ DT640 Utility Crawler is the first three-wheeled vehicle of its kind. Equipped with an HD camera, magnetic wheels and a multitude of application specific add-ons; the Utility Crawler can perform an array of tasks, making it incredibly versatile and easy to deploy at a moment’s notice

The Utility Crawler, designed by Deep Trekker, is submersible to 50 meters (164 ft.), and houses its own onboard batteries, making deployment easy and quick for tasks such as contraband inspections and testing hull integrity or thickness. Magnetic wheels and various add-ons permit diverse applications such as scraping away marine growth or power washing the hull or examining for invasive species while in port. The Utility Crawler has both military and municipality applications as well.

Uses Cases:

Hull Inspection: With magnetic wheels, the DT640 Utility MagCrawler can crawl along vertical angles to inspect the integrity of ship’s hulls even underwater. Instead of dry-docking or returning to shore, crew can immediately inspect the hull if they fear something is wrong, via the live video on the handheld controller.

  • Hull Security Check: When entering ports, authorities or crew can quickly check areas of interest for contraband, invasive species or security threats.
  • Remote Pressure Washing: Outfit the DT640 Utility Crawler with a pressure washer to remove dirt, debris, rust scale and more all from piloting with the handheld controller.
  • Removing Marine Growth: The dozer attachment is designed to remove hard marine growth by scraping surfaces with 50lbs of force.
  • Thickness Testing: The DT640Mag Utility MagCrawler, can determine the thickness of metal on corroded and coated structure by mounting a thickness gauge probe on its arm. The magnets give the Utility Crawler the ability to travel in almost any direction on ferrous metal surfaces.

“Deep Trekker continues to innovate to provide the easiest to use and most portable inspection technologies, without compromising durability or capabilities,” comments Sam Macdonald, Deep Trekker President. “The new DT640 Utility Crawler product line has been developed by listening to the needs of the industry and our customers.”

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