Statoil Clarifies Situation at Krechba Plant in Algeria

Published Mar 19, 2016
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In Salah - Statoil
In Salah – Algeria’s third largest gas field –is jointly operated by Statoil, BP and Sonatrach (photo: Statoil)

Statoil reports that after the attack on the In Salah Gas asset in Krechba in Algeria at 06.00 Friday, 18 March, the situation at the plant is calm, with no reports of any injuries resulting from the attack.

Statoil is now following up the incident towards its own employees, licence partners and relevant authorities.

At approximately 06.00, 18 March, an attack was made against the Krechba plant. The information Statoil has received indicates that the attack was carried out by use of a vehicle and a mobile weapon firing explosives at the plant. The attackers then left the area. Three strikes were identified at the plant.

The Algerian military reportedly has control of the area. Statoil’s emergency organisation has been demobilised, but the Joint Venture and the partners continue to monitor the situation in cooperation with relevant authorities.

There were a total of just above 600 employees at the plant, 3 of them from Statoil. None of the employees at the plant are injured, and the three Statoil employees are safe inside the plant. No evacuation from this plant or any other plants in Algeria has been planned.

Statoil’s top priority is the security of its employees. After the In Amenas attack in 2013, the security of plants in Algeria has been strongly improved, and ordinary operations were resumed during 2014.

Statoil will, in accordance with the company’s procedures, carry out a review of the attack, and together with the partners consider, as part of the ordinary operations, the need for any further security measures at the plants in Algeria.

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