Stauff Presents its Portable Cutting Ring Assembly Machine

Published Mar 3, 2017
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Stauff - installation machine
Compact and completely mobile: the new mobile installation machine in the Stauff pressing range works without an external supply (photo: Walter Stauffenberg GmbH & Co. KG)

Stauff is offering a new assembly machine for processing smaller to medium quantities for the overhaul and repair of pipe systems, which can be used as a mobile unit thanks to its battery power supply and transportation case with rollers. The machine is suitable for the pressure-controlled installation of cutting rings at pipe ends up to an external diameter of 42 mm, and can carry out up to 200 installations per battery charge.

The reason for the new development was the requirement to offer users in the hydraulics field the greatest possible flexibility, and to enable installation of cutting ring pipe connections at the point of use, e.g. at the construction site. Installations often have to be carried out on-site under difficult spatial conditions. Using the machine facilitates the process for those conducting the installation.

Two important characteristics create the conditions for this: Firstly, with the SPR-PRC-H-M designation, the machine is compact in design and there is space for it, along with accessories and other installation tools, in a transportation case with rollers that comes with it. The low weight of less than 7 kg (including battery) also facilitates deployment on-site. The machine can be used there as a manual tool or it can be installed on a tripod or with a table mounting.

An external power supply is not required to operate the new Stauff pressing machine, for as a standalone solution it takes its power from an efficient lithium-ion battery that can carry out more than 200 installation procedures without having to be charged in between depending on the diameter of the pipes. A replacement battery is included in the service case as standard. There is also room in the case for the appropriate charging unit.

The machine, which Stauff will introduce for the first time at the Hanover trade fair, can pre-install cutting rings in the light series to metric pipe ends with a diameter of 6 to 42 mm, and in the heavy series to pipe ends from 6 to 38 mm. Installation is carried out pressure-controlled. The setting parameters required for the individual diameters are printed on the machine.

As users require only a few seconds to change the tool and alter the installation parameters, pipe connections of different sizes and series can be installed efficiently. This ensures constantly high process safety and reliability, which is characteristic of all machines in the Stauff pressing range.

Along with the development objective of ensuring the greatest possible flexibility, the suitability of the new machine for series installation is also important. This is also ensured by the fact that the SPR-PRC-H-M can usually carry out up to 200 installations with its own battery charge. In practice, however – based on Stauff’s experiences from the field test phase that was conducted – it is primarily used for the maintenance and servicing of pipe systems at the point of use, or for the final installation of plant components with end customers, or it is carried in the service vehicles of maintenance service providers for hydraulics.

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