Teledyne Marine Continues to Play a Key Role On Board AUVs

Published Sep 26, 2016
Teledyne RD Instruments DVL
In the lab – Teledyne RD Instruments DVLs provide precision navigation and current profiling capability on board Iver3-580 AUVs (photo TRDI)    

Teledyne RD Instruments (TRDI) has received an order for an additional ten Explorer Doppler Velocity Logs (DVLs) to provide precision navigation and current profiling capability on board OceanServer Technology’s Iver3-580 Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), bringing the total number of DVLs delivered to OceanServer to over 75.

Teledyne RDI, OceanServer, and local representative OGI, have worked in close co-operation since 2011 to develop and refine this custom navigation solution, which is now a key component onboard the increasingly popular AUV. Bob Anderson, President of OceanServer, explains, “The IVER AUV’s stringent size, weight and power requirements can be a challenge for sensor companies to overcome, so we partner closely with our vendors to ensure optimal design and performance onboard our vehicles. The Teledyne Marine companies have been dedicated partners for several years; we’ve absolutely helped each other reach new levels of performance.”

In addition to Teledyne RDI’s DVL, OceanServer also relies on other Teledyne Marine products onboard its AUVs. A popular option for underwater communications in the Iver3 system is the combination of the Benthos ATM-900-BC1 Acoustic Modem in the AUV paired with the Benthos ATM-916-BC1 for topside communications. The vehicles also include a variety of custom Teledyne Marine cables and interconnect solutions.

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