The Alfa Laval FCM One Gas Promises Smooth High-Pressure Fuel Gas Supply

Published Sep 2, 2016
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Alfa Laval FCM One Gas
The Alfa Laval FCM One Gas promises smooth high-pressure fuel gas supply (illustration: Alfa Laval)

Alfa Laval’s expertise in fuel conditioning is now applied in high-pressure fuel gas supply systems for LNG. The Alfa Laval FCM One Gas is the latest addition to the FCM One family, the company’s new generation of high-performance booster systems.

The Alfa Laval FCM One Gas, which will be on display at SMM 2016, is a complete fuel gas supply system for engines equipped with high-pressure ME-GI technology. As part of the FCM One booster family, the FCM One Gas provides sophisticated automation for all start, stop and purging sequences. The result is smooth, automatic control of fuel pressure for the lowest possible energy consumption at any load.

“For crews with experience of other Alfa Laval fuel conditioning systems, the FCM One Gas will feel very familiar,” says Roberto Comelli, Business Manager, Fuel Conditioning Systems. “From the modular design and graphical interface to the automation itself, the FCM One Gas builds on Alfa Laval strengths the marine industry has come to rely on.”

One of the key strengths of the FCM One Gas is its LNG vaporiser: the proprietary Alfa Laval printed circuit heat exchanger (PCHE). Robust yet highly compact, this diffusion-bonded heat exchanger handles cryogenic temperatures and pressures as high as 650 bar (g). “The small size and high thermal efficiency of the PCHE allow tremendous space savings and make the module more flexible,” says Comelli. “Being able to design and produce the PCHE in-house gives Alfa Laval full control over the vaporiser’s thermal performance and reliability.”

Reliability is also tied to experience, especially in a young application. Here, says Comelli, Alfa Laval has more to offer than any other booster supplier. “The first vessels with these engines are only now setting sail,” he says. “As the only experienced marine supplier in this booster application, Alfa Laval has the knowledge and global support to ensure peace of mind.”

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