Transit Design Tool for Better Use of Time and Space

Published Feb 9, 2017
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Roxtec Transit Designer
Roxtec Transit Designer simplifies the entire process that surrounds cable and pipe routing (photo: Roxtec)

Odense Maritime Technology A/S in Denmark saves up to 80% time and simplifies the design of cable and pipe transits by using an online tool from Roxtec.

Chief Process Officer Niels Ammundsen at OMT explains how important the web-based application Roxtec Transit Designer is in their navy ship design projects. In a recent project, the tool helped them track and follow the filling rate of each cable penetration: “We had 1,000 penetrations and strict margins. The customer required 20% capacity for future installations and detailed control of the spare margin along the project. We used Roxtec Transit Designer to make sure we had enough space.”

The OMT team was able to monitor the development and provide real time updates on a day-to-day basis regarding the cable transit filling rate. This reassured the customer who wanted to avoid the risk of having to cut new or modify openings.

They estimate their time-savings to 80% when compared to sizing and keeping track of the transits manually.

“We also reduce risk, as we identify issues before they become reality in the yard,” says Ammundsen.

The team appreciates the user-friendly interface, the integration with other design programs and the visuals on how to pack the sealing modules as well as the ability to share work with project members at other locations.

The OMT team uses the tool to make sure they select a sealing solution that complies with all requirements, and to be able to size the transits correctly.

“We know from previous projects that Roxtec products will do the job and that they have all the certificates needed regarding fire protection and gas-tightness,” adds Ammundsen.

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