Well Life Cycle & Well Integrity Awareness Programme Unveiled

Published Sep 30, 2016
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SIMMONS EDECO Awareness Course
SIMMONS EDECO Awareness Course – working with pressurised Christmas Tree (photo: SIMMONS EDECO)

SIMMONS EDECO, supplier of wellhead and valve maintenance, asset integrity solutions and onshore drilling services to the global oil and gas industry, has announced the launch of its Well Life Cycle & Well Integrity Awareness Programme. The new course is designed to give participants a greater understanding of the life cycle of a well, as well as the systems and processes required to maintain superior well integrity. Although it is beneficial for anyone working in the oil and gas industry, it is particularly relevant to those working in close proximity, such as production operators and offshore installation managers. Co-ordinators, planners and support staff involved with well maintenance and integrity activities also benefit.

The 2-day intensive course is taught on-site by SIMMONS EDECO at its new facility in Great Yarmouth, England. “The new course offers delegates a unique opportunity: to work with actual pressurised surface Christmas trees,” said Phil Hamblin, Training Coordinator for SIMMONS EDECO. “By using the Christmas tree, we are able to provide highly accurate scenarios, which is especially important for production operators and personnel. We are able to provide them with a much greater understanding of the risks and hazards associated with the operations.”

The company believes that the pressurised Christmas tree plays such a critical role in the training process that it maintains not one, but two surface Christmas trees on-site: one single completion Christmas tree and one duel-completion Christmas tree. They are used for the sole purpose of familiarising delegates with them. To offer participants experience working with subsea Christmas trees, SIMMONS EDECO will soon integrate one into the programme.

In addition to live classroom lectures and hands-on work with the Christmas tree, the new programme uses a broad range of learning tools to make certain that delegates are thoroughly engaged. Selected pieces of equipment are demonstrated in the classroom. Plus, custom animations and interactive eLearning assessments for the course were developed in cooperation with oil and gas training specialist Oilennium, part of the Petrofac Group. Upon successful completion of the course, the delegate receives a Well Life Cycle & Well Integrity Awareness Certificate. Those who opt to take – and pass – the final exam receive a certificate, as well.

Already, 50 delegates from three operating companies and duty holders have completed the programme. By year-end, SIMMONS EDECO anticipates that 70 from five companies will have earned their certificates.



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